Myths of using Soap and bleaching agents to pass a drug test 

There are those who believe that the use of soaps, especially dish-ware detergent can turn your drug test negative. This might sound complicated but even if something like detergent does not turn the color of you test, it might make it produce bubbles when it is transferred to a test tube which will confuse the scientist. Such abnormal observations would obviously demand additional tests.

It’s good to try flushing toxins that makes your samples to test positive instead of trying to play unsuccessful games of trying to fix samples. Drink too much water before going to a test and try forcing frequent urination. This is considered as the best way to pass a drug test.

Consequences of Failing a Drug Test

Drug testing is performed at various capacities. As a rule, they are given as pre-business thought in the work field, implying that they could be the thin margin between landing a position and losing an open door for one. The test can likewise be done at any time even when still employed to check for productivity and to secure your current position in the institution or company.

Aside from the business, the tests are normal in a wide range of sporting occasions to affirm that no competitor is using performance enhancement substances or drugs against different contenders in the occasions. There are ways to learn how to beat a drug test in a week for your peace of mind. The pee test is the generally used test for testing and is accepted in some institutions. Though the majority do breeze through the drug tests, there are a number who fail these tests and this on its own comes with consequences that one has to deal with.

In the event that tests are required for business offers, an organization is likely not to enlist you when you fall flat the test. Moreover, if the tests are directed haphazardly in an occupation that you as of now have, you could be terminated by the company you work for. There are working conditions that are dangerous to work when you are affected by a drug and such organizations don’t mess with integrity and honesty when it comes to drugs and substance abuse… Ensure you comprehend the terms and conditions and policies that a planned business or existing boss has on the use of drugs so you don’t put your opening for work on hold.

Drug tests can be made as part and parcel of probation terms and failing the drug tests results into harsher results. Probation officers can review infringement reports and send to judges leaving the judge to choose the end result for you next. In the event that you are fortunate, you may get a notice and a strict warning if the institution is lenient enough, yet in more strict working environments, you might get a revoke letter and can be sent to jail for drug and substance abuse. Different factors that are important to the case might be used to decide parole outcomes, however the more the test falls flat, your chances of being sent to prison continue to increase.

Drug testing by employers who work for the government, small or large businesses, and various institutions is common worldwide. The majority of the reason is to keep a zero-tolerance in the workplace. Most importantly, it’s to keep the workplace quality-driven and productive. Although, the main question here is, “Why is drug usage such a problem?”

The answer could be alarming for many who would’ve never thought of it.

Is taking drugs by employees necessary to keep employees “up and alert” or is it because “they really have a drug problem?”

It could be both.

Drug testing and workplace violence

Whatever the case, drug testing is needed to combat the good and the bad employees who aren’t able to sole-heartedly do their job 100% while working. Not only for this reason, but because mistakes can be made while under the influence, lack of sleep, being delirious, and several other factors even (OSHA, n.d).

Some employees may want their coworkers drug tested periodically.


Would you want to work besides an individual who is going through bouts of drug addiction symptoms or withdrawals? More often than not, many employees in the construction industry are far less likely to experience a workplace violent act on them by coworkers compared to those working in a healthcare institution.

During the years 2002 through 2013, the healthcare industry saw an increase of workplace violence incidents due to drug usage and overwork loads. On account of these reasons, why wouldn’t drug testing be needed? The days it requires those to recuperate was 4 times higher in the healthcare industry because of workplace violence as opposed to people being out of work in other private sectors. How to pass a drug test is no laughing matter for these people who may be thinking about overloading their bodies with stimulants but being caught is far more serious than what it’s worth.